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Rodin – Genius At Work at the Groninger Museum

Photo of the statue Eve by Auguste Rodin.
During my first visit to the exhibition of Rodin in the Groninger Museum the role of photography came forward as well. His ideas about the style of photography match the style of a photographer I’m currently studying, Julia Margaret Cameron. A reason to visit the exhibition a second time, this time with a camera.

A study

Who were Auguste Rodin and Julia Margaret Cameron?

Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin (1840 – 1917) was a French sculptor and is well-known for his statue “The Thinker”. A somewhat hazy and poetic style is what he demanded of the photographers whom he hired to photograph his statues. Besides that, Rodin wasn’t really charmed by artificial lighting and sharp prints. The requirements of Rodin stood in sharp contrast to what was common practice in art photography at that time.

Julia Margaret Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron (1815 – 1879) was a British photographer who is known for her mythological and heroic scenes and her portraits of celebrities of her time. She started with photography at a later age and was a self-taught photographer. She is one of my current sources of inspiration, her soft-focus portraits and scenes often have an intimate and dreamy atmosphere. Her style also stood in sharp contrast to what was common practice in photography in her time.

The photo serie

During my second visit to the exhibition I tried to catch the sculptures of Rodin in this intimate and dreamy style, you can see at my Facebook page , where you can view the complete serie, if I succeeded. View the complete album on Facebook: Photo album Rodin – “Genius At Work” Groninger Museum 2017

Exhibition Groninger Museum

You can still visit the exhibition Rodin – Genius At Work at the Groninger Museum until 30 April 2017. See the website of the museum for more information about the exhibition:

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